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The W.K. Kellogg Foundation recently launched a new interactive documentary project called Healing Histories (healinghistories.org). This innovative effort showcases authentic stories about communities across the country working to heal racial divides and is illustrative of the future of digital storytelling ? a rich, user-driven, interactive experience utilizing a mix of content and media types.
As an interactive documentary experience, Healing Histories allows the user to choose their own path while uncovering the stories of residents in Central City, New Orleans. Rather than follow a passive, linear story as presented in a typical documentary, Healing Histories provides the user with the opportunity to explore the stories behind community and its residents, much in the same way you would if you were physically visiting. Through a combination of videos, photographs and interviews, the Central City Healing History weaves together different residents? perspectives about the legacy of racism and segregation in their community, as well as the collaborative steps neighbors are putting into place to resolve inequities to improve health, education and economic outcomes for their children.
To achieve this media rich experience our developers utilized HTML5?s audio and video capabilities as well as CSS3 and object-oriented Javascript. This enabled a single site to work across desktop and mobile devices with minimal additional programming - previously reserved only for Flash-based sites.